The Sequester and Head Start Centers

Added on by Shawn Poynter.

I'm not a federal policy expert, I'll admit, but I've been hearing a lot about this sequestration business lately. Since the automatic budget cuts went into effect in March, most federal agencies have had to take a step back and figure out how to make more out of less. Or at least the same out of less. Education Week sent me to the Claxton West Head Start in Knoxville for a story about cuts Head Starts are making to accomodate their new budget constraints. Cuts that include staff.  

It wasn't the happiest assignment I've ever been given. The teachers, many of whom had been at the center for a long time, hadn't yet been told about the layoffs. It was a little spooky, looking around knowing that some of the adults on the playground, or helping children wash paint from brushes, wouldn't be returning in the fall. 

Here are some images that I shot for the assignment.