Good Sport Wedding

Added on by Shawn Poynter.

Every month, the Central Collective hosts a mystery event called Good Sport Night. People buy a ticket and show up at a designated time, not knowing what we have in store for them. Past events have included a live game show, an egg-drop competition, a garden party in a castle, a walking tour of North Knoxville, live music with swing dance lessons, and a fundraiser that featured a live miniature pony and donkey.

This month's event was different. Guest were thrust into a real-life, seemingly-spontaneous wedding. Two former Good Sport attendees had decided to do a non-traditional wedding and approached us about doing it in front of a group of strangers. They even let randomly-chosen guests sit in for spots in their bridal party and give toasts at the reception. 

It was a beautiful event and we couldn't be happier to have hosted these two delightful new friends.

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