Summer Tech School

Added on by Shawn Poynter.

Last week I shot an assignment for Education Week about summer schools using technology to help students retain what they learned during the school year. The students in this class were great. It usually takes kids this age a long time to forget I'm there. They'll spend the first half of the assignment posing for the camera, making funny faces, giving their friends bunny ears. But this class ignored me immediately. Computer screens, whether they're displaying education software or Grand Theft Auto, seem to dim the lights to the world around the viewer. Which must be great for teachers. More than once I saw students do a Nowitzki-esque fist pump when they got a good score or completed a section. I've been photographing in classrooms for years and I had never seen anything like it.

Education Week ran my one of my favorite photos from the shoot on their website. Here are a few outtakes. SPOILER ALERT: The last photo in the slideshow is almost too cute. You might want to skip it if you have a weak heart.